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Make Cartoons
May 312013

If you’re wanting to learn how to make cartoons, chances are that you’ve seen some great animation series that may have inspired you. On of the most popular genres of cartoons among adults now is Japanese anime.

In the US, on of the most famous and beloved of these is Dragon Ball Z. It followed the highly watched, original DB series shortly after the production crew realized it’s great success in both Japan and the US.

It is a cartoon full of action, funny characters, and a great story line.

Once it ended after nine seasons, the new series named DBGT was released. Unfortunately, it was the last of this great Japanese animation series.

However, due to its incredible success, they actually decided to make live action films. Most people did not like them quite as much as the cartoon versions, but die hard fans still enjoyed them.

Click here for more information on how to view episodes on the web.

Mar 282012

To advance your dream or hobby to make cartoons and animations into a lucrative career without the difficulties or challenges perceived by the majority, click here.

Animations, cartoons, graphic novels, and other artistic content in today’s digital age has become an important aspect of entertainment for people from all walks of life. We see it on a daily basis on the television, in the movie theater, on the internet, in video games, on billboards and advertisements, in comic strips, newspapers, magazines… I mean the list goes on. However, most don’t realize how powerful this graphic content can be, or how easy it is to get started, in terms of making a living in the related industries.

“Don’t you need a college degree in graphic design, film production, communications, liberal arts, etc. and a lot of time and money?”

NO! The fact is: making cartoons and animations to be incorporated into short films, animated web series, video games, or really in any form of marketing, advertising, and entertainment is extremely easy, quick, and super fun (of course)!

“Yeah… sure it’s fun, but I can’t afford to spend time on it if I’m not getting paid”

Get paid to express yourself and show your creativity to the world! After you make cartoons or an animated series, publishing your wonderful creation for the world to see has never been easier! With many millions of artistic enthusiasts and cartoon fanatics, the revenue potential is limitless with each amateur masterpiece you create. Monetizing your work is free and only takes one click!

Hobby To Career Checklist - Make Cartoons and Animations

  • Dream big, and fire up that creative passion. Unleash the power of your own imagination.
  • Take a fun, simple, and super affordable e-course on how to make cartoons in as little as two weeks! No experience or artistic ability is required, but it never hurts. When you’re done reading, click one of the links (above or below).
  • Sketch out a rough outline for the story of a short animated film, a cartoon web series, or cinematography for your PC/video game. Here, your freedom to be unique and express your creative talent really begins.
  • Put it all together with your newly acquired and highly desirable animation skill set. Finalize your very own animated series.
  • Show it to your family and friends for feedback.
  • After approval, create a free YouTube account (at YouTube.com), and upload your new video.
  • When you’ve finished the uploading and writing the description (using good keywords), monetize it with one click! Read YouTube’s instructions on how to do this, but it is literally with the click of one button (and then you answer about three short questions to make sure you own the intellectual property rights of everything in your video). Your video is now published to the entire world for millions to see, and you will be paid by your sponsors through Google AdSense. Small or short ads will show up on your videos (people can skip or exit them easily), and you will be paid for it!
  • If your work is entertaining enough, the hits will come by themselves after a few short weeks (sometimes sooner). However, if you’d like to notify tons of people about your recent upload, you can create a free Blogger.com or WordPress.com account and describe it in full and link to it. You can even embed the video right there on your own free website!

Wanna get started without any experience whatsoever? Click here to advance your dream or hobby into a lucrative career without the difficulties or challenges perceived by the majority!

Mar 202012

Cartoons on TV have been a big part of nearly every child’s life for over half a century. There are even plenty of cartoons for adults these days that include anime, computer animation, graphic novels, etc.

With the digital age, animated cartoons have become more and more popular because they have become increasingly easier, more creative, and more efficient to make. These days all you need to make cartoons is a computer with some simple software. Companies in Hollywood use advanced software to produce long animated films, but simple and affordable software has become readily available for amateur enthusiasts to make cartoons and animated films. All you need is the desire (and some creativity helps).

The words ‘cartoon’ and ‘animation’ are used interchangeably these days when referring to the graphic fiction motion pictures you see on television, in the movie theater, in video games, and on the internet. To define the term animation, it is the optical illusion of motion created by a sequential display of frames or images of 2D or 3D visuals of hand-drawn art or computer-generated and textured model positions. The illusion of movement is produced in humans by a quality know as ‘persistence of vision’ (some animals have been known to show a response to this phenomena like humans).

Cartoons date as far back as the age of the caveman. Some cave drawings were discovered that depicted a sequence of events (animals or humans in different positions – one slightly different from the next) which can be thought of as the early beginnings of animation. When one observes these sequential cave-drawings as individual frames of a moving picture and naturally allows their brain to process this as one event, a story begins to unfold. Rudimentary cartoons of this nature were special because people had to rely on their own imagination to interpret the story for which their eyes were laying the foundation.

Technological advancements have spoiled us once again. In this day and age, animation can be created with just a few clicks, and it can then be published for the entire world to see in a similar manner. Many animated films created by amateurs are available to watch on YouTube, but most people assume an enormous amount of time, effort, experience, and even money is necessary to create these short but powerful animations.

It has been the dream of many since childhood to create their very own cartoons straight from nothing but their imagination and have reflected this on simple doodles in their school notebooks. However, most never realized that it can be just as simple to create professional looking and highly entertaining animations and publish them online. To make cartoons, it requires nothing more than your limitless imagination and a healthy dollop of passion.

It eludes most people that even amateurs can make a decent living by producing and publishing simple animations. They believe it is too difficult or too time consuming. Well stay tuned for the secrets on how to make cartoons and monetize them and keep thousands of people on the edge of their seats waiting for you to release the next episode!

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